Ray Rivers is a proud protégé of Walter Laird, the "Lord of Latin." His gurus of the English ballroom style (Standard) were the incomparable Brenda Winslade, Peter Eggleton, Alf Davies, Len Scrivener and Sunny Binick. Ray's career highlights include World Latin Finalist, World Ballroom Semi-Finalist, Australian Professional Champion, 3 times Professional Champion of Champions in Latin, Ballroom, Exhibition (Theater Arts) and Australian New Vogue and Australian Amateur National Champion.

As a professional adjudicator he has judged around the world including the World Championships, World Cup, International Championships London, United Kingdom Championships, United States Open, German Open, Australian Open, South Pacific Championships, National Championships of Norway, Italy, Holland and Thailand and Grand Prix and International competitions in 30 countries.

In addition, Ray has been a long time supporter and promoter of ballroom dance. He was the organiser of the 1988 Australian International Bicentennial Championships, Australia's largest ever event, co-organiser of the 1972 World Championships, dance co-ordinator and organiser with Dance News U.K. in 1973-74 and did numerous individual dance promotions in Australia between 1964 and 1990.

"Coach of the Year"

Throughout his long career, Ray Rivers has trained hundreds of competitive dancers, including Australian and South Pacific Amateur and professional champions and World Representatives. He has coached in many countries throughout the world, including finalist couples in all four styles. Ray is winner of the "Coach of the Year" USA Sammy Award 2000 and recipient of the J. Sandy Award (Australia), a Lifetime Achievement in the Pursuit of Excellence in Ballroom Dancing.

Fellow, A.N.D.A.
Member, A.D.S., F.A.T.D. Australia
Member, Terpsichore U.S., Ballroom and Latin